My Bills Are Eating Me Alive!

So I know I’m not alone on this. Its payday and you wake up and realize damn the rent, light bill, internet bill, car insurance and daycare is due! Not to mention the phone bill and grocery shopping is around the corner. Now some of us make different amounts of money obviously so it may not be a struggle for all. However, I’m an average working class mom, with the help of my boyfriend and we do pretty good as a team.

The problem is sometimes its really hard trying to SAVE MONEY!

I’ve thought of a few simple ways that help me and its not easy but I promise its beneficial!

It starts with your mindset, and my mom still preaches this to me on a regular basis. If you constantly tell your self you CAN’T, then you WON’T! “I can’t do it this paycheck, or maybe next week” phrases like this will only keep you from saving.

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If $10 is all you can do then DO IT! You can open a savings account or keep a personal piggy bank, what ever you are most comfortable with. Everything adds up and anything worth having always takes time and effort. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much money you make, its how you manage that money. Now having a lot of money helps, don’t get me wrong but even the richest people blow through their money if they have no clue on how to manage it.

Think about all you have to pay for and keep track of what you are spending. That is very important! Do not always rely on your transaction history from your bank. Sometimes they take too long to process your funds and even some companies take a while to deduct from your account. So its always up to you to be the responsible one.

I always have to remind myself of little ways to help keep a little money on me. Do your own research and see what may work for you. You never know who you can influence! Hope this was helpful! 🙂

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About Last Night

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but my daughter is 10 months old and last night she could not stop standing up by herself!! I know some of you are probably like “whatever that’s what babies are supposed at that age”! But listen, when you are a first time mom, you don’t really have other babies to compare your little one too, so this was extremely monumental for me, and her of course.


Even though I guess she is supposed to be doing this I’ve learned that every baby is different and some take a little longer to start their crawling/walking debut and even develop some motor skills. So imagine my surprise when I see her come out of her crawling position, go into a full squat and push up off her legs. I am looking at her like “Girl! You must really wanna walk!!”

Needless to say, I am seriously going to be this excited about EVERY milestone she crosses in her life. And its hilarious to me because I am normally a bad ass and you’ll never see me sweat but when it comes to that little girl, everything makes me want to tear up! Whyyyy???

Anyway, I’ve been so excited about it that I though why not share it with you all as well. If you want to check out a little snippet of her standing by herself follow @bossmommyyyy Instagram!

The “Get Fit” Struggle

So I know we’ve all been there. Trying to get that run in, getting in the gym or even at home workouts, its exhausting! Not to mention all the other things you have to get done in 24 hours. You would think that’s enough time but NOPE. You get up, drop your kids off, go to workout, pick them up, go back home and before you know it BOOM, its 10:00 pm. Who the hell feels like working out at time!

I normally get home around 6:45. If I am lucky (meaning my kid is asleep and my man has eaten and house is clean) I can fit in a little me time workout around 8/8:30.

Now I understand everyone is not able so I’d like to suggest something that may be helpful. EATING RIGHT IS KEY! Although we all know this, this is probably the MOST difficult thing to do however, it is the MOST effective. Don’t get me wrong , I still struggle with this sometimes myself. My co workers stay on top of me about my eating because we all want to be at our best! And since you’re probably at your job more than you are home, it counts to bring those healthy lunches and snacks!


However, it starts at the grocery store. Its all about a balanced diet. I am going to share a list of foods that work for me and hopefully can help you as well!

  • Shrimp
  • Chicken breast
  • Ground Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Vegetables (broccoli, spinach, corn, squash, zucchini, etc.)
  • Black beans
  • Onions, Peppers
  • Fruit (apples, oranges, grapes)

I have also found detoxing is extremely helpful!

  • Smoothies – Kale or Spinach, Bananas, Lemon, Raspberry
  • WATER!!!! (Add lemon and Strawberry) (optional)


Use Your Time Wisely !

This morning almost got the best of me. You know how we ALL LOVE THE SNOOZE BUTTON ! Well you can’t turn a crying baby off, but I’m pretty much immune to it these days.

Anyway, while in school and hopping back in the work force, I had to figure out useful tips that would allow me to get through my mornings, tend to house work, study and be a full time mom. Today I will share five tips that can be helpful to you as well.

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Tip 1: Wake up on a positive note believing the day will be a great one. No matter how tired you are reach for your little one with the biggest smile on your face to let her/him know how happy you are to see those big beautiful eyes.

Tip 2: STRETCH! And I don’t mean the basic yawn stretch. Give your little one a healthy morning snack or bottle, then take 3-5 min to really loosen up those muscles. I promise your mind and body will feel much more relaxed.

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Tip 3: If time allows, slap some eggs and turkey bacon on the stove to jump start your metabolism. You can also have oatmeal or fruit whatever you prefer. A healthy BREAKFAST always gives you that boost of energy you need to kick off your day right! My morning coffee is a big comfort as well!

Tip 4: My favorite part of the morning, after dressing both myself and baby girl, is getting in the car and turning on some MUSIC. Now I know some may believe that can not be useful but trust me. If you are feeling upset or if your baby is fussy and the morning is becoming too much within the first few hours, try listening to your favorite song or hell even your kids favorite song. Baby shark is obviously a HIT these days!

Tip 5: KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY, as some of my peers like to say. You’ve made the decision to wake up in a great spirit, you’ve relaxed your body, got that breakfast and listened to your favorite song. Your little one may or may not be in the best mood but YOU are. Plus I’ve learned in the short time that I have been a mom that often times children feed off of your energy. So keep that same attitude through the day and try to follow the same routine. YOUR HAPPINESS is extremely important! 🙂



Starting Fresh :)

I am going to be completely honest with you all. If honesty is important to you keep on reading. I’ve been trying to jump start my blog for some time now and I always seem to just get stuck in between ideas, paragraphs or just caught up in my own lack of confidence when it comes to what I want to say. But today, I have made the decision to let you all in and give you the opportunity to follow my journey as a new mom in the banking world trying to figure it all out!


Let me start by letting you know I have a beautiful 10 month old daughter who means EVERYTHING to me. She brings such love and light to my life and I am beyond grateful to to take on motherhood as her mother. She is surrounded by tons of love and support from friends and family and its the best!

With that being said, boy am I tired! The crying, the ear infections, the throwing up and not to mention, like most babies, she does not like to sleep. I am now learning how to take on all these battles but of course everyday is a new lesson.

And for 2019, I have decided to face the fear of taking on new battles and learning new lessons and I am excited to share and learn with all of you!